Passion for Creating



We DESIGN PRODUCTS and CREATE BRANDS to align and evolve with the market of today and tomorrow. We create products and brand extensions that help brands INCREASE REVENUE and MARKET SHARE in a competitive landscape. We design and build new brands from the ground up based on the WHITE SPACE OPPORTUNITIES.

Working with DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT, MARKETING and SALES we deliver roadmaps that provide TURN-KEY PRODUCTS. Our overarching merchandising strategies are at the intersection of BUSINESS and CREATIVITY for the DIGITAL experience as well as IN-STORE.


Seasonal Consumer + Cultural + Color Trend Forecasting
Consumer Journeys + Mapping
Digital + Physical Product Design
Fashion + Lifestyle Product Design + Prototyping + Manufacturing
Licensing + Seasonal Brand Directives
Key Relationship Outreach Process
Partnership Selection + Diligence
Negotiation and Deal Completion
Retail Distribution Strategy
Brand Integration
Brand Stewardship